Weaving weaving...

Wow. I'm blown away by the response I've received for my Etsy Euro Week giveaway. It makes it a little more exciting to be able to use that random number machine tomorrow.

communally woven blankets, Travis Meinolf's work from the Vancouver Art Gallery, via Lena Corwin, via banquet.

I've been super interested in getting into weaving for the past couple of years and sadly the closest I've come is darning my socks. I've been looking into Travis Meinolf's work and have even ordered one of his Mini Laser Looms to try my hand at weaving. I'm super pleased that he lives in Berlin and hope that he puts on another workshop in the near future so that I can attend! I missed the workshop he did a few months ago.

Happy Friday.

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  1. Hey Amanda! I always like to come on your blog and read your few lines. My grandma had a weaving machine and got rid of it last year because it was taking to much space. I was so sad when I heard this. It was always my dream to have it and start weaving funky stuff. If you do the workshop let me know!