Treasures galore.

Sorry for the even longer than usual absence in posting. Last week was jam packed and I needed the weekend to get some stuff done and recover. Whew.

Last week I bought this fun piece of art from Tania. I love love love it, but haven't decided where it'll go in our apartment. Plus she surprised me with this cute rain drop stuffy broach. Thank you, thank you!
We met up last week and she took me to a nice Café in Friedrichshain where you can buy second hand books for 1 Euro each. I don't think all the books are 1 Euro but it's worth checking out. I picked up a bunch of books that were published in the German Democratic Republic.

I just can't get over how funny that hamster picture is. One of the books had had an elastic stuck between the pages for who knows how long... I love finding these things.

I also met up with our friends Leanne and Derek and they gave us some sweet presents that were intended for Christmas. Yes that is how little I see some of our friends here. Sniff. More books! Yeah!

Happy Monday.

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