Just wanted to let ya'll know that I finally updated my shops. I'm trying to get into the swing of making things regularly again. You can check out my shops on Dawanda, and Etsy. Oh and Fey Handmade is carrying a couple of my items.


  1. I like the new bags amanda! are they already on etsy?

  2. Beautiful you are a talented lady. Happy Paddys day.

  3. You're listed on Fey handmade! Wow!
    Did your hear about etsy opening their Berlin bureau in April?!

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments! Hi Anna, I heard about the Berlin opening. I would love to go but we are on vacation then and won't be in Berlin. Are you planning on going? It should be a fun party!

    Happy Paddy's Day Gemma. Can't believe that I missed it.

  5. Definitely yes! I will report. Don't miss the new CUT issue either. By the way, heard about Sideseeing Market?

  6. YES, I've been waiting for the new CUT to arrive in the newsstands. I've checked every day this week. I guess I should just subscribe, but there is always a thrill of going out and buying it for me!

    I was at Sideseeing once last year as a vendor and really liked the market. I would like to go again sometime this year. Will you go and check it out this month? or are you selling?