Summers past and present.

I just recently figured out how to access the photos from my cell phone. We're enjoying this wonderful summer weather and spending as much time as possible outside at the park, just walking around, eating lots of ice cream. I made my first beer garden visit of the summer yesterday.

There is not too much to report on except that our lovely friends A. & C. welcomed their new baby to the world early this morning! Congratulations, we're really looking forward to meeting him!!

I have a million projects on the go right now and I'll report more on some of them later this week.

Happy Sunday.


  1. I don't know why, but I always love all the photos you post on your blog. ENjoy the summer! Hello and love from Munich.

  2. Thanks K! I'm glad that you enjoy them! You have a great summer too! Maybe we'll even make a trip down to Munich... who knows!