One of my favourite things about summer is being by the water. I'm not much of a swimmer though. I love to sit by the water, enjoy it from the banks. Here are some digital and 35mm film shots of a trip that we took to Hamburg last fall. We took an interesting harbour cruise, with a Captain frustrated about the wealth in the city and changes affecting the harbour. I'm in love with freighters and stacks of colourful shipping containers. It's all so romantic in a horrifying way. Gentle giants.

There is an abundance of freshwater in and around Berlin, which makes it such a great city to spend the summer in. Here are just a few spots that I'd suggest visiting while in Berlin...

Plänterwald near Rummelsburger See
and there are lots of nice places to sit along the Landwehr Canal in Kreuzberg; close to Tiergarten on Garten Ufer, in front of the Urban Hospital (Krankenhaus), and the basin where Landwehr Canal turns to go up to the Spree, near the east end of Reichenbergerstr.

Have a great Thursday!

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