The day-to-day.

We've been hanging around the house a lot since being back in Berlin. I've been into fixing up things that have long been waiting, making a new summer table cloth, sewing buttons on clothes, mending etc. We've also been getting a fresh organic food box every week from a farm just outside of Berlin.

The stairwells in our building are being renovated and I love this in-between stage. They've pulled up the ratty linoleum flooring exposing the old hardwood. It's exciting to see what the finished product is going to look like. M. is hoping that they paint the floors while I'm hoping that they'll install jute runners.

Last night we went to my favourite Ethiopian restaurant in Berlin, Blue Nile, with some friends. And we've been taking a few too many trips to the best ice cream joint in the city, Vanille & Marille. If you're in the city it's worth a trip to our corner of Kreuzberg. There is always a line-up outside, but it goes fast.

Happy Friday!


  1. oh Ethiopian food!! I miss it so. Will have to make night at this place. Thanks for the tip!

    Also, how cute is that picture...

  2. Oh wow your little one has gotten huge!!! What a cutie!!! I want to meet her! x

  3. Thanks Leah, definitely check out Blue Nile. I love it!

    Bianca, it's all just a trick, she's jammed in that high chair with towels and pillows! We would love to get together soon!

  4. nice pictures!!! I love the baby and the hairy one. let's go to the restaurant anytime you want girl!!!