Winter sea.

We just got back from a relaxing break on the Baltic sea. I'm sure you're going to think that this is the only place that we travel to nowadays. It's just so easy to drive there from Berlin and no one can complain about the off-season rates!

If you're in Berlin tonight there's an event being put on by the reading room... and one of M.'s books will be a part of the exhibition.

Update on crafty things... I'm almost finished with the footed baby pants... accidentally knit a left foot on the right leg. I'm not sure if it matters though! I also bought this and this pattern. I just couldn't resist.

We have some amazingly snowy winter weather in Berlin right now! I hope that you are enjoying the weather wherever you are.

Happy Thursday.

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  1. Oh, so beautiful! The water, the snow, and glowing momma!

    Have fun tonight!