From afar.

Necklace by Kate Miss (photo taken from Bakers Dozen)

Rocks under Water by Gemma O'Leary (photo taken from Gemma O'Leary)

Another long absence indeed. I've been meaning to post about some lovely things I received in the mail over the past couple of months. The Rocks under Water Bracelet was a birthday present from the talented Gemma O'Leary... I absolutely love love love it! I treated myself to a Kate Miss necklace which I purchased through Bakers Dozen. And a sweet friend of ours, J., sent us this cute little ducky sleeper.

My folks are visiting right now, so that leaves very little time for electronic communications on the interweb. Hopefully I'll be back next week with some updates on a couple of projects that I've been working on.

Today we're heading off to the Spreuth Mager Galllery to see the Ed Ruscha show. I'd also like to make my way over to the Konrad Fisher Gallery to see the Rita McBride show.

Happy Friday.