much, much more.

I have a bunch more film shots spanning the year up until now. Here are a few more.

It's a beautiful day. Unfortunately I'll be inside working for most of it. I don't mind in a way because my job takes me to the far corners of Berlin and often to places that I would never go otherwise. The city is full of surprises... and beauty. I'll bring my camera with me today!

I heard on the radio this morning that it'll feel like a cool summer day outside! The best kind. I am a huge fan of fall though... it didn't bother me one bit when we started getting fall weather in the middle of August. Bring on the sweaters.

There is a lovely show at Kunst-Werke right now... the Renata Lucas installations are a bit understated but are interactive and I was impressed.

On Saturday I'll be heading over to la Bastellerie for the opening of the Wunderkabinet, which a fellow Torontonian, Leah, has organized and I'm looking forward to meeting her!


  1. wow, your film pictures are truly great Amanda!

  2. Yeah! I heard about the Bastellerie. Such a great idea. I need to check it out myself next week. Have you heard about the Direktorenhaus? They also have nice exhibitions and some interesting workshops.

  3. Gorgeous shots! Hope you and M are keeping well.

  4. Thanks everyone for the nice comments! And thanks Anja for the Direktorenhaus tip... I haven't heard of it!!