I've been pretty productive lately... this doesn't include the online realm though. I've been concentrating on getting back into sewing and crocheting and have been finishing off tons of small projects that have been sitting around and staring at me for awhile (some of them for a couple of years).

Last Sunday we actually did some Sunday things. I dragged M. out of the house to go to the Arkonaplatz fleamarket. It might be one of my favourites in Berlin. Nice and quaint.

Some fun events are coming up in Berlin over the next couple of weekends. This coming Sunday there will be a giant outdoor clothing exchange at Moritzplatz... and next Friday there's another at the Stadtbad Oderbergerstr. in Prenzlauer Berg (starting at 9pm). Who knows maybe I'll even swing by one of them.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. fun fun fun! Keep with the crochet projects! Love to see what you come up with!

  2. love the E and metal chair up there!!! i went to an earth-shattering flea market in berlin... i wonder if it's the same one?! happy crafting!


  3. Thanks Missus D! I'll definitely keep you updated... my projects won't be as fun as yours though!!

    Hey J! Was it a small flea market that you went to? Arkonaplatz is one of my favourites... and Boxhagenerplatz. When were you here again? That giant E is pretty amazing... the vendor seems to deal exclusively in old signage letters like that!

  4. Have you seen this blog? http://newdressaday.wordpress.com/
    I was amazed and so jealous of her skill!

    Also, we have a black cat that has been coming around who looks just like yours!

    Miss u! Kelly

  5. Thanks for the link Kelly! It's amazing what that girl can do. I'll have to delve into it a bit more. Aw what are you calling your visiting kitty? Take some photos for us! Miss you guys too and really would love to visit soon. Too bad we're so far away from each other. Give M. some love from us. xo

  6. aww. I miss you. I'm back in Montreal. Will be there on the 26th.
    Good to see that you are back are making so crafts!