Bits and pieces.

I've been hanging around the house much too much lately. Actually I've been loving every minute of it, but have noticed that most of my photos are shot from this little space in which we live. I've tried to get out and take some more photos today but it started raining... and I didn't feel like pulling the camera out.

This weekend we're trying to catch the tail-end of the Berlin Biennale. So far we've seen the George Kuchar exhibition at Mehringdamm 28.

I bought some ingredients to make my "famous in some small circles" dill pickles. I haven't pickled since we moved to Berlin and so I'm looking forward to getting back into it tomorrow. I just have to find some canning jars.

I'm slowly getting inspired to sew more and starting out again by sewing super simple little projects. I've just finished a little cafe apron and will start on a cardigan for M. next. Sewing is one thing that I intend to get back into in full force. M. bought me this book years ago and I really want to delve into it again this fall.

Happy Friday.

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