It's been a bit of a rough month for us, or rather rough year so far. We said goodbye to our little friend yesterday. He had been having some health problems and yesterday morning (in the middle of a period awaiting test results) we noticed that he just wasn't right.

I bathed the little guy and he just lay in my arms not protesting one bit, which is not really his character. He was rather an agressive cat with those who didn't know him, but very loving with me. Then we called the emergency vet to check him out and give us some advice as to what we could do for him, and he told us that his liver had given up, so we decided that we could only relieve him of his pain and put him down. Surprisingly this wasn't such a hard decision to make. It was so hard to see him alive yet so lifeless.

I've been lucky never to have had such a close experience with death. Seeing someone or something that you see every day alive, and then in seconds so lifeless, just gone. I am now going through all the memories of our little friend and am lovingly thinking of all the nice times and even the annoying times with him. I wonder how long it will take before I don't think about saying hi to him when I come home, or waking up in the morning and greeting him in the hallway, feeding him before the day really starts.

Goodbye Louis.

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  1. Goodbye Louis! Met you once and thought you were a curious but most wonderful cat!